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Myddfai News

Herb Walks & Talks 2014

"Walk on the Wild Side"

Stella & Dylan will be leading a herb walk at The Druidstone in Pembrokeshire on Saturday 31st May at 2.00pm. On Sunday 1st June Dylan will be giving a talk on the history of herbal medicine and its re-evaluation today.  Stella will be available to demonstrate theNES body scans in the afternoon. If you need more details or wish to attend please contact The Druidstone on 01437 781221.  Why not stay for a great relaxing weekend on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast?

Ferryside Gardening Club

Herb Talk -  " The Art of Herbal Medicine & The Medical Potential of Weeds" 9th June @ 7.30 pm.  Venue Ferryside Rugby Club. If you wish to attend please contact Jackie Browne on 01267 267520




An English Herbal

An English Herbal has been coming on a pace, though there is still plenty of work to be done it. I hope the project will be completed by the end of summer. We have been working on the project for about 3 1/2 years and it is good to see it is finally taking shape.  It is a much more ambitious work and follows on chronologically from where the Welsh herbal finishes.  If all goes well it should be completed at the latter end of 2013.  If you are interested in being notified as soon it is completed please email us and place An English Herbal in the subject field.


Welsh Stories

Recently there has been massive worldwide interest in the traditional Welsh stories that are included in our “A Welsh Herbal - A Herbal Journey through the Culture and Places of Wales,” some of which a few are available on this website. In response Stella has compiled and written more stories. In the next few months these will become available as eBook download from the website and booklet formats. Watch this space! If you would like to be informed as to when these are available then please email us with Welsh Stories in the subject field.

Fighting GMO's

A big thanks to all of you who responded to the awareness of GMO’s in the food supply in the USA and California in particular. Despite defeat of prop 37 in California, the good news is that the pressure and heightened public awareness that the campaign created is likely to lead to national laws labelling whether foods contain GMO’s or not. Following on from the 20 years of GM technology a newly published EU report recommends the severe limitation of planting GM crops in Europe and a whole swath of legal controls of the industry.

A new threat affecting our herbs and foods is the attempt of Biotech companies to get patents on the seeds of our fruits, vegetables and herbs. This is a very serious threat to our food freedom and should be resisted all cost.  If you have not already done so please sign the following petitions immediately;  The first is about closing the loopholes in EU patent law that is enabling them to apply for patents on seeds.  The second is the issue of preventing the patenting our common heritage - to plant seeds we want to grow.

Following the stunning world wide support of March Against Monsanto on the 25th May with more than 2M people marching in over 48 countries a new petition has been lauched seeking to eradicate the world from the dangers of GMO's.

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